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The library has many resources available to students.  In Library Instruction you will find some tutorials on how to use many of the library's databases and also some tips on how to improve your research skills.  The most important tip is to contact the library if you need assistance finding the information you need.

The library is open:
Monday - Thursday 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 
Friday  7:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.
Sunday 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Library Staff Phone Numbers:

Mary Louise Foster, Director of Library Services 402-844-7131

Peg Bierhaus, Library Technical Services Specialist 402-844-7129

Allison Buss, Library Technical Services Specialist 402-844-7133


Below are tips, guides and tutorials which may be useful when you  are doing research and using  the library's resources. 

Choosing a Topic and Writing a Research  Paper

The Library's Points of View Database has some good suggestions and guidance on how to choose a topic for a research paper or report. Clickhere to view this guide.

After you have selected a topic, Points of View has some suggestions on how to begin the process of researching and writing your paper.  Click here to view this guide. 

 Evaluating a Website and Judging Fact vs. Opinion

How do you know if the website you are viewing has credible information?  Click here to view some guidelines from Points of View.

What ae some guidelines to determine if the information you found is really factual or just an opinion?  Click
here to view these guidelines from Points of View.


Recognizing Online Propaganda, Bias and Advertsing. 

This 21 minute video provides some good guidelines to help you evaluate the information you find on the internet and other sources.  Click here to view the video.


Citing Your Sources

Points of View offers some general guidelines to follow when citing various types of sources.  Click here to view these guidelines.

Knight Cite created by the Heckman Library of Calvin College is a website which allows you to enter information about your resources and see the citation in the MLA, APA or Chicago style.  Click here to access this website. 



View three videos from Rutgers University Paul Robenson Library for information on how to avoid plagiarism and tips on when you need to cite information.  Click on any of the links beneath the Now Showing banner.

Harvard's Graduate Scholl of Educatin has created an online tutorial entitled "Principals of Paraphrasing: How to Avoide Inadvertent Plagiarism in Three Easy Modules.  Click here to see the three modules on paraphrasing.



Boolean Operators (how to combine search terms)

Boolean Operators (AND,OR, NOT) can be used to help you get better search results.  This very entertaining video shows a librarian making a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich  to explain the concept of Boolean Operators..  Click here to view the video.

This video is another demonstration of how you can use Boolean Operators to improve your search results.  Click
here to view it.

 Effective Internet Search

This 22 minute video begins with a brief history of the internet and then goes on to provide some very useful tips about how to develop a research topic and then use search engines such as Google to find relevant information.  Click here to view the video


EBSCOhost Databases including Academic Search Premier

The Library subscribes to 19 EBSCOhost databases.  Databases such as Academic Search Premier and MasterFile include information on a broad rangeof topics. They are good places to begin your research.  Other EBSCOhost databases such as Business Source Premier and Health Source are more subject specific.   All EBSCOhost databases use the same interface so they all work the same way and you can search two or more EBSCOhost databases simultaneously.

Introduction to EBSCOhost   View this 7 minute
Video Tutorial  covering the user interface used by all EBSCOhost databases.  All EBSCOhost databases use the same interface so you can easliy search any of the library's 19 EBSCOhost databases.


Basic Search   View this 3 minute Video Tutorial for instructions on how to do a Basic Search in EBSCOhost databases including Acadmeic Search Premier.

Advanced Search With Limiters   View this 3 minute
Video Tutorial for instructions on how to do an Advanced Search in EBSCOhost databases by refining your search with limiters such as date range, publication type and more.

Advanced Search Combing Search Terms   View this 3 minute
Video Tutorial for instructions on how to do an Advanced Search combining one or more search terms.

Results List   View this 6 minute
Video Tutorial for instructions on how to refine your search results , preview articles and sort articles. 
Reading an Article in EBSCOhost   View this 3 minute
Video Tutorial for instructions on how to view and read articles in  your search results and all the options available such as using the Listen feature, translating articles etc.

My EBSCOhost View this 5 minute
Video Tutorial for instructions on how to create a personal
EBSCOhost account which will allow you to save articles and notes in personal folder which you can retreive at a later time.

Creating a Search Alert  View is 2 minute  Video Tutorial for instructions on how to automatically run a search on topics of interest.

Visual Search This 5 minute Video Tutorial will show you how you can see your search results in a more graphical format. 

CINAHL Plus With Full Text Basic Searching   View this 4 minute
Video Tutorial for instructions on how to do a basic search in this database of health and medical information.  The tutorial also demonstrate how to search for evidenced based care sheets.

CINAHL Plus With Full Text Advanced Searching  View this 4 minute
Video Tutorial
for instructions on how to  do an advanced search in this database and health and medical information.  

CINAHL Plus With Full Text Searching using MeSH HeadingsView this 5 minute video tutorial  on how to search using the medical subject headings for a more precise search. 

Business Source Premier's Business Searching Interface  View this 4 minute Video Tutorial   to learn how to search for business information using an alertnative user interface.

Searching EBSCO eBooks  View this 4 minute Video Tutorial to see see how you can search and read EBSCO ebooks. 

Downloading EBSCO eBooks View this 4 minute Video Tutorial for insturctions on how to download ebooks to your computer or personal reading device such as a Nook or Sony eReader. 

Reading EBSCO eBooks on an iPad  View this brief Video Tutorial for instructions on how to downlad and read EBSCO eBooks on an iPad.


Gale Databases Including Academic OneFile 
and Gale Virtual Reference Library

The library subscribes to 29 Gale databases including Academic OneFile which is a good tool to begin your reserach because it covers many different subjects.  In addition to Academic OneFile the library subscribes to a numer of more subject specific databases such as Nursing & Allied Health Collection and Criminal Justice Collection.  Each of these databases uses the same user interface and you can search two or more Gale databases simultaneously.  

Basic Search   Click here to view a brief video on how to  do a Basic Search in Academic OneFile and other Gale databases. 

Advanced Search Click
to view a brief video on how to do an Advanced Searching Academic OneFile and other Gale databases. 

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Click here to view a tutorial about how to search the ebooks available in Gale Virtual Reference Library. 


Films on Demand

Films on Demand Overview View this 5 minute Video Tutorial to learn about the type of content that is available.

Browsing for Content View this 2 minute Video Tutorial to learn about how you can easliy browse for content using the Films on Demand Dashboard, Subject Collections or Special Collections.

Searching for Content  This 3 minute Video Tutorial will introduce you to the fastest and easiest ways to search Films on Demand.

Creating a User Account A personalized user account will allow you to create folders to save videos, create playlists to share with others and set up user preference.  This 2 minute Video Tutorial will show you how to set up an account. 

Creating a Playlist This 2 minute Video Tutorial will show you how to create a playlist to share with others. 

Setting Up User Prefences  View this 3 minute Video Tutorial to see can select thesettings to view videos. 

Using Closed Captioning Most Films on Demand Videos include on screen subtitles or closed captions.  View this 2 minute Video Tutorial to find out how it works.